Since the beginning of the Ochoch Hik’eek project there has been a desire to create a public library that serves the community as much as the school. The dream was to create a place where one could borrow books, access the Internet, and have a relaxed environment to read, play, or study.  We had already received many donated books and several computers – which were used to teach computation classes- but we needed someone to dedicate their time, effort, and knowledge to organize all of the material.

Thanks to two volunteers -Roberto and Ana from Argentina and Colombia – who arrived in August of 2016, after two months of working alongside students and teachers, the dream became a reality. We are eternally grateful to them. We have already accumulated a catalogue of hundreds of labeled books that can be borrowed, and we are starting a project to convert it into a public library, so that people from the neighborhood have access to the computers and the borrowing of books.

With the link PROYECTO BIBLIOTECA you can read about Ana’s experience (in Spanish) and her work in Casa de la Esperanza.


The project intends to strengthen librarian services and programs, to promote reading and writing. Utilizing the support of information and communication technologies – principally computers with Internet connection – the project targets children and youth with scarce economic resources, who need a cultural and educational space for intellectual enrichment. The initiative also plans that the Public Library will grow its bibliographical catalogue, further utilize its endowment of cutting edge technology, and implement reading programs, to support scholarly activities in the Basic Mayan institute.

However there are still things to improve in the future. The library needs new computers and Internet connection, but the school can’t assume the cost of maintenance at the present moment. We are improving the situation bit by bit.

After the work of our volunteers and students in 2016, there was a beautiful Mayan ceremony to inaugurate the library. They are hoping that it will offer help and knowledge to all who pass through its shelves, read its books, and enjoy its games.