International Volunteering


instituto Básico Maya Ochoch Hik’eek offers the possibility for volunteers to know the reality of the communities that living and working in the department of Petén. The project is located in the town of Poptún , and volunteers can see firsthand how the people in the community live, their customs, and get a different way of looking at education based on the Mayan culture. The school functions on a bi-weekly schedule and the students live in dormitories at the school when classes are in session. The project provides free accommodation & meals when the students are in the school, as well as free accommodation during the off term.

Education: Guide teachers or facilitators who want to implement an alternative vision of education. You can work with us by supporting teachers in the classroom, or become a facilitator of a subject if you stay for a long time. Some of the subjects we teach include: English, Maths, Arts, Music and Agriculture.

Psychology:  If you are a psychology professional, you can work help support us in that area. We are aware that any and all psychological help for the children will serve them well, especially because the family situation of many of them is difficult.

Social Work: A social work volunteer at El Instituto Ochoch Hik’eek can integrate into and move about the community in order to get a first hand understanding of the realities and situations our young students encounter. Because of this, the volunteer can monitor and follow-up with each student individually, whether in the school while in session, or in the student’s home during the off-term.

New Technologies:  One of our goals is for the students to become familiar with new technologies, and have the knowledge required to manage a computer. As a volunteer, you can teach a class, hold workshops for the students, or help us improve our website. Additionally, we need help from those skilled in computer repair.

Project Management & Communication:  We are seeking business professionals with experience in international project management to help us raise awareness of our organization outside of Guatemala. By doing so, we hope to be able to obtain more funding to ensure we can keep our school in service.