We are looking for volunteers for next August 2017 due to our current ones are leaving the school at that time. At the moment we only have one volunteer and we have 5 places available.

This school is an educational institution that seeks to contribute and influence the formation of leaders in the future, constitute guidance in finding solutions to community problems and the exercise of the rights of Mayan people, in the context of a multicultural and intercultural state.

Our mission is to offer an alternative education based on the worldview of the culture, from the reality of the communities, to the contribution on building a democratic society which is, socially, interculturally and environmentally responsible with its own economic development model and solidarity.

Our students come from the rural areas and stay with us for fifteen days every month, then they return to their villages for another fifteen days in order to support their families, most of them working in agriculture. During this time it is possible to visit the children and their communities, to better understand the background they are coming from.

The volunteer program includes several positions that need to be covered:

Teaching: English, Arts, Music, Physical Education
Social worker
Community manager
Project manager
Heatlh care area

Volunteers live in the area of the school , where there is a shared room for volunteers. You eat with the children 3 times a day during the periods the students are at the school.

When they are not at the school, you still have accommodation, but not food. The volunteers can buy their own food at the town market (which is very cheap) and cook it in our kitchen. It is equipped with a fridge, stove and a microvawe.
The volunteers will have the opportunity to live with the local people and experience the life at the school and the rural communities in the north of Guatemala. This is an opportunity to exchange the skills, experiences and cultural backgrounds. You can learn how to speak q’eqchi, how to prepare tortillas and teach children about the life outside of Guatemala.

The minimum stay is 1 month, which means 2 weeks of school and 2 free weeks to do whatever you wish. Visit children and their families, explore Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, Honduras or El Salvador – all easily accessible by no more than one day’s travel. Then again 2 weeks at school and so on.

If you REALLY want to participate in the life of the school, but can only stay for one teaching plan – tell us your project, ideas and we will try to arrange something. It is preferred that all potential volunteers come to the school to see the place and see if it is a good fit for all. If this is not possible, a Skype interview can be set up as well.

If you are interested please write us to [email protected]