Hello to everyone, My name is Sally, born in Luxembourg and since January 2016 volunteering in the ´´Casa de la Esperanza´´. In the beginning I planned to stay here for 2 months but then I¨ve got to know this place and I couldn´t leave – It´s amazing. I could observe a lot of things here in the school and realize that the school needs a lot of help, and they have a lot of economic problems; The three meals contain mostly only beans and tortillas, sometimes pasta, cheese, cream, .. They never had fruits or very seldom vegetables. The electricity quote of the school is very high, even if they didn´t had in all the classrooms light balls.

A lot of times it happens that we do not have water the whole day, this makes it more difficult for the cooks to prepare the food and for the children to wash themselves, the cloths, plates, etc. The roofs here in the school have a lot of wholes, when the rain season comes it´s raining inside the dormitories of the boys. They sleep on very old mattresses, that are not useful anymore, it´s like they would sleep on wood 15 days of the month. This are only a few examples. So in march I wrote on my Facebook Account that we need financial help in the school. I didn´t expect a lot and thought that I will be happy for every Cent I could get together. But then something amazing happened – a lot of people starts to write me that they want to help. Friends, Friends of Friends and Family, my Family, Family of Friends. WOW it was so beautiful for me to see how the people want to help. We got 20.145 Qz together ( 2.330 Eu / 2.637 $ ). Then that’s what we did:

– We changed all the light balls of 105 W into LED of 5 – 10 W.

– The dormitories of the boys have a new roof.

– When the kids come back the 30 of May they will have new mattresses.

– We brought a bit more color in the school

– And since February my parents send me once in the week money to buy fruits for everyone.

We are all so thankful here that the people outside help us to realize this projects. Without this people this all would not be possible. Without the people from outside this school could not exist and a lot of kids from the rural communities in Guatemala could not go to school.

THANKS TO EVERYONE! And I thank a lot to my friends and family of Luxembourg to support ´La casa de la Esperanza´/´The house of hope´. It means a lot for us!