Sahil ch’oolejil EERE cho’q , nasaho ‘ che qach’ool k’ulb’al .

Greetings to you all , we are glad to welcome you .

Education is the medium that enables people to generate its development process , Understood as performing integral of the human person , both individually and collectively .

The Ochoch Hik’eek “House of Hope” Civil Association has pleased to present its website to disseminate information on the educational project that has become its spine, on the basis of its existence, its rationale, Educational Center of Basic Cycle, which bears his name and born to serve all those marginalized youth in rural areas; girls and boys who had cut short his hopes of continue their basic education is so we want them participants in this sincere, true and only story in the context educational department of Petén.

Also, the website presents information on other innovative projects and culturally relevant to the Association Civil Ochoch Hik’e’k “House of Hope” is promoting the Petén department.

With kind regards fraternity,

Prof. Julio Roberto Rosado d’Arcy

Chairman of the Board

and Legal Representative Civil

Association Ochoch Hik’eek “House of Hope”