Reynaldo Teec Chún

Director of Casa Esperanza and Teacher

Place of birth: Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

Profession: Teacher of Urban Elementary Education

Current Job: Director of the Institute of Basic Mayan Education “Casa de la Esperanza.” Facilitator of the courses Physical Education and Social Sciences



“Lets fight for an education that teaches us to think and not for an education that teaches us to obey.”

Reynaldo Teec

“I do not know any other sign of superiority but kindness”.


Prof. Noé Raúl Ochaeta Trujillo

Teacher and Pedagogical Advisor

Place of Birth: San Francisco, Petén, Guatemala

Profession: Teacher of Rural Elementary Education

Place of graduation: Teachers’ College Number 5 of Petén

Current Job: Facilitator in the Institute of Basic Mayan Education “Casa de la Esperanza,” of the courses Math I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and Natural Sciences (basic physics)

Other Studies: Middle School Education, degree in education and tenth semester in law and social sciences (all at the University of San Carlos of Guatemala)

Prof.  Julio Roberto Rosado D`Arcy


Date of Birth: July 23rd of the distant 1958. Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala.

Profession: Elementary Education Teacher

Place of Study: Graduated in the year 1977 from the Central Teachers’ College for men in the capital city of Guatemala the Assumption

Current Job: Facilitator of Spanish Language and Social Studies in the three grades of the institute

 A little about my life:

I lived through the most crucial moments of the armed conflict in my country; many of my friends died and others live in exile. The primary years I studied Economy and subsequently Pedagogy, however History is my inspiration. I have visited nations as interesting as Nicaragua, Cuba, and Mexico, places in which I learned the importance of knowledge and wisdom. I have worked in Casa de la Esperanza since the end of 2004, giving classes like Community Organization, Social studies in the three grades, and, of course, the language of Cervantes in all basic classes. There is a lot to do in regards to education in our country, yet it is in shambles.

“An educated village is a free village and I think that is what we are really missing in Guatemala.”

“With my teachers I have learned a lot, with my friends more; but with my students even more.”

Oseas Xol

Jonatan Oseas Xol Bac


Place of Birth: Poptún, Petén, Guatemala

Profession: Accountant

Current Job: Facilitator of the courses Natural Sciences 1st and 2nd level, Orientation and Community Service 1st and 3rd level, Mayan Language and Literature for 2nd and 3rd, and History of Mayan Culture for 1st level.

Other Studies: Computer Operating Technician, Typing, and currently studying Teaching Middle School Economic Sciences and Accounting.

I had the great opportunity to begin at Casa de la Esperanza as a facilitator of the course General Accounting, sharing the wisdom, experiences, and abilities that touched my life during specialized education. Despite starting at only 20 years old, it was easy to impart my knowledge of the course material due to my fluency in the Mayan language Q’eqchi, and in this manner to have better communication with the students of their own language. Afterward, I proceeded to occupy the position of facilitator for the courses Natural Sciences, Orientation and Community Service, and Mayan Language and Literature, positions that I still hold. It is one of the best experiences that I have had in my life.

Victoria del Carmen Choc


Place of Birth: Salamá Baja Verapaz

Profession: Middle School Teacher

Current Job: Facilitator of the courses Computing and Typing for the three grade levels

I’ve had the privilege of working in the educational center Casa de la Esperanza since the year of 2011 to the present day. In the first two years I taught the courses Visual Arts, Music, Artistic Composition, and Social Studies. In the last two years I have taught the courses Computing and Typing. During this period of time I have had the opportunity to share with young people from different communities, different cultures and, why not say it, from different levels of studies. During this journey I have managed to coexist with and understand the different attitudes and abilities of every student. Each one of them has the desire to overcome the critical situation in Guatemala, in which youths from rural areas don’t have the opportunity to receive an education. And this is the objective of Casa de la Esperanza “Ochoch Hik’eek”: Encourage youths from rural areas so that they can continue their studies and attain a good academic preparation for themselves and their future.