In spite of having good looking facilities, our economic reality is not stable. We want to explain why that is and how we initially got funding for our facilities, which are now difficult to maintain.

Our history starts in 1997, when the school asked FONAPAZ for support to build 8 classrooms. This was denied twice. This organization appealed to peace agreements to fund infrastructures, link the state and society and other aspects to develop the rural communities.

FONAPAZ refused it twice but contacted FIS (Social investment fund). Later on FIS adhered to the construction of 8 classrooms as requested.

At the beginning, these areas weren’t big enough to hold a school, so they were used as dormitories for students living in rural areas who studied in Poptún.

Later, the families of the rural communities requested the facilities to be used as a High School for basic education. The Dolan family of New York, funded the construction of Multiuse Hall, Canteen, Kitchen, another classroom and two dormitories. Since 2003, the facilities are able to host around 400 students, a number that has never been reached. In this time, bathrooms and septic tanks have also been built.

Four years later, two other buildings were constructed for the offices and the Nursing school.

In 2011, the Dolan stopped funding the school project. Since then, the school is going through a crisis that makes leads to an uncertain future.

In 2015, we have begun renovating the showers, bulbs, broken glasses. All of which has been possible thanks to the support of Population Council NGO.

Looking to the future, the school needs to build two dormitories with bathrooms with showers, because at the moment, the children are sleeping in the classrooms.