The Maya Ochoch Hik’eek Institute is an educational institution that seeks to contribute and influence the formation of leaders and leaders in the future constitute guiding and guidance in finding solutions to community problems and the exercise of the rights of people maya, in the context of a multicultural and intercultural state.

Our mission is to offer an alternative education based on the worldview of the culture, from the reality of the communities, to contribute to building a society democratic, socially just, intercultural, environmentally responsible, with its own development model economic and solidarity.

The foundation of our philosophy in history, culture and worldview of the Maya people, among which are: Respect for the Ajaw (Creator of the Universe) and Mother Nature, as the foundation of life. The harmony that feeds the relations of peaceful coexistence between all beings. The balance in the person and nature as an integrated whole. The complementarity between all dual energies that govern the world and lead to the search for balance. The unity in diversity, valuing differences making them a factor of unity. The consensus for finding common agreements. The communality that privileges property and communal welfare over individual interests.


* Develop maya being from comprehensive and systematic practice of Mayan cosmogony culture.

* Promote community participation of men and women.

* Promote community-driven processes from the educational process.

* Develop critical technical and Mayan and other cultures scientific knowledge.

* Strengthen the vision of social service.

* Promote actions to improve the living conditions of communities.

* Prepare for the local political, regional and national levels in the framework of building a multicultural and intercultural , democratic, participatory and equitable state.