There are two options to arrive in Poptún from Guatemala City, a flight to Flores- an option that we do not recommend because flights only leave one day a week and cost between 500 and 700 Quetzales (65-90 dollars)- or by bus.

There are two bus companies that operate between the capital and Poptún: Linea Dorada and Fuente del Norte. Both take about 8 hours. You should travel in the direction of Santa Elena and tell the driver to advise you when you arrive in Poptún.


  • Fuente del Norte: Offers a normal service (5:30am and 8:30pm), direct service (7:30am, 10:00am, and 9:00pm), a deluxe service (9:00pm), and a super deluxe service (9:00pm and 10:00pm). The ticket costs between 110 and 300 Quetzales (between 14 and 45 dollars) and is purchased on the bus. For those who prefer to travel at night (9:00pm or 10:00pm), the address from which the buses leave is 17 calle, 8a and 9a, zona 1. If you travel during the day you should go to the bus station ‘Centranorte’ located in zona 18. There are buses to zona 1 that cost 5 Quetzales. You can also take a taxi, although they tend to be more expensive.


  • Cristóbal Colón: This company replaces the old Golden Line and on its website you cannot see schedules. But they can be done on the Busbud or Rome2rio portals. We don’t know the price exactly, but it would be around € 20 – $ 25. It is a bit more expensive than Fuente del Norte, but it is considered that the service it offers is better.



Flying to Cancun should be cheaper than flying to Guatemala City (at least from Europe). However you should keep in mind that it will take one or two days to arrive at the school and this also implies some additional costs (approximately 100 euros in bus, border rates, accommodations, and food). It is a good option if you want to take advantage of tourism or go to the Caribbean beaches that are along the route.

From the airport depart several buses that drop you off in the Bus Terminal ADO. Once there you need to take a bus to Chetumal (around 400 pesos = approximately 20 dollars), which takes about 6 hours. Once in Chetumal one must take a bus toward Flores (700 pesos=35 euros). The company is named San Juan and they depart every day from the station at 7:00am and arrive in Flores at 5:00pm. It is recommended to buy the ticket a day in advance. From Flores there are trucks/collectives to Poptún for 35 quetzales. To leave Mexico you need to pay a tax of 500 pesos (25 dollars), and to leave Belize a tax of 35 Belizean dollars (17.5 American dollars).


Buses/shuttles usually leave you in a gas station called Estacion las Palmas.

Once there, if it is the day (before 7:30pm approximately) you can take a tuk-tuk (motor taxi, motorized tricycle) for five Quetzals (the Guatemalan Currency, $0.60) and tell them to leave you at the school. If it is night, it is possible that Hugo (a fellow that works in the school) will pick you up with his motorcycle.

Before getting in the taxi or tuk-tuk make sure that they will charge you this price! If not, after seeing you with the face of a recently arrived tourist, they will charge you double!!