It is impossible not unnoticed behind the long process of this project is the tenacious, combative and humanitarian spirit of a character, which like other men of national history, leaves traces and examples for which only the same story promptly placed in the seat of Honor intended for human specimens and imperishable beings.

We refer to kaqchik’el brother, Salvador Cutzal Mijango, architect of this unique project, same as time is getting recognition, credibility and fruits, which has deserved the moral and financial support of altruistic people overseas and local authorities and state Dollan especially family of Northern America.El US Project over time has had several stages and / or steps, which are described in summary below.


Salvador Cutzal Mijango

CHRONOLOGY EVENT DATE ACTORS 1995 Grant plot of land (4 blocks) Mayor: Retired General Benedicto Lucas García, Salvador award for efforts Cutzal Mijango 1996 and 1997 Construction of 8 classrooms FIS Social Investment Fund, Government of Guatemala, through the efforts of: Salvador Cutzal Mijango 1998 Donation of equipment carpentry and tailoring FIS Social Investment Fund, Government of Guatemala, at the request of Salvador Cutzal Mijango Year 1996-1998 Construction of multipurpose room, dining area, kitchen, pantry, bakery and cold room area. Elena and Carlos Dollan, Brother Leo and others in the United States, donated the funds for construction at the request of Salvador Cutzal Mijango Year 1999-2002 Provision of hosting service to rural youth studying in schools in the municipality. Salvador Cutzal Mijango, parents and students. Year 2001- 2002 Feasibility study to promote the educational model PRODESSA in Ochoch Hik’eek. The search for alternatives was at the request of the community who wished to gain access to study secondary education for their children. PRODESSA leaders, Salvador Cutzal and parents from diverse communities 2003 Donation of bakery equipment and kitchen (oven, stoves, griddles and corn mill) British Embassy through the Partnership for a Just World, through the efforts of Salvador Cutzal Mijango January 27, 2003 Year of commencement of work of the Institute Maya.Ingreso 56 young people from 35 communities in San Luis, Poptún and Dolores, to begin studies Basic Level. Date of many dreams and emotions for Community and huge challenges for fundadores.Para then only we had 10 tables for dining and 40 seats for them. The aspect to assess at this stage was the contribution of the Guatemalan Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food MAGA, consisting of half a million quetzals, which the wages of covered began feeding workers and students during the year, although these resources began to release until June of that year, which means multiple penalties of all stakeholders about the lack of resources.During this year we purchased two motorcycles, spare parts, that PRODESSA sold us a relatively low cost.The participation of parents is the contribution of Q100.00 month, a bushel of corn pounds of beans, to complement food. Santiago PRODESSA Development Project, Salvador Cutzal Mijango and Teachers: Tzic Walter Garcia, Director; Pablo Orozco Lorenzo Pérez, Agricultural Technical; Coj Ixquiactap Diego, Educational Coordinator; Juan Alfredo Pérez Chun, Secretary Accountant, and Noah Ochaeta Raul Trujillo, Facilitator. PRODESSA provided educational counseling team facilitators Institute. December 30, 2003 the Ministerial Agreement Number 1177-2003 Creation with the Ministry of Education, which endorsed the basic first studies done by students during the school year 03. Ministry of Education, and Institute staff PRODESSA was obtained . During the year 2004, the municipality of Poptún, helped with Q 1,500.00 per month for salary of a facilitator. The salaries of facilitators and part of the diet of this year were filled with the balance of the contribution of MAGA, plus a loan that is requested PRODESSA, loan be canceled by donating Dollan friends and led to the establishment of this year operating costs of the school were made by this family, until the silver Attraction (March 2010) .From this year, the property became run by local staff under the resignation of colleagues who were hired to promote the project. During the month of January this year served as Director Prof. Diego Ixquiactap Coj, but then resigned, so from February took over Prof. Juan Alfredo Pérez Chún.Durante this school year had the support the Spanish volunteer David Pinilla Muñoz, who served as facilitator. Mayor, Prof. Juan Francisco Oliva Estrada, Juan Alfredo Pérez Prof. Chun and facilitators. 2004 Donation of 40 desks by the Governor Department of Petén. Departmental Governor, Lic.Manuel Barquín, Salvador Cutzal Mijango, students and staff of the establishment. 2005 Construction of the building that houses the administrative offices, with funds donated by the Dollan family. Family Dollan US and Salvador Cutzal Mijango 2005 Purchase two motorcycles SUZUKI brand, of 185 cc. To expedite the work of the Education Advisory facilitators conducted in communities of students. Salvador Cutzal instituto.Los Mijango and staff resources were donated by Dollan. 2005 Foundation of the Civil Association Ochoch Hik’eek, which is owned and managed the assets of the educational project, previously performed the relevant legal procedures, given that until then, these goods were on behalf of the Civil Association of the Mayan People “Elijah Manuel” Poptún, Petén. Salvador Cutzal Mijango, Parents, students, school personnel and Elijah Manuel Civil Association. 2005 Contribution of the Embassy of Japan for equipment (computers, office desks, desks, beds, copier, fax, gunship, farming tools, etc); something to feed students and health services.). It also finished building the Multipurpose Room of the Institute. (Replacing the front door and finished the stage.) Japanese Embassy, Centro Maya Association, Salvador Cutzal Mijango Property and Administrative Staff (director). 2005 Exit First Graduating Student (29) Students, school staff, parents, family Dollan and Mayor. 2005 Purchase of a plot of land of about 1 block for sports Salvdor Cutzal Mijango and facilitation team. 2006 Acquisition of a plot of land of about 4 blocks, which was donated by the municipal corporation presiding Prof. Juan Francisco Oliva Estrada. This lot is intended for installations of diversified and productive area level. Mayor and his corporation, Salvador Cutzal Mijango, Ochoch Hik’eek Civil Partnership and school personnel. 2006 Authorization Academy Typing Ochoch HikeekPor DDEPXXX Resolution No. 2006 Departmental Education Petén, through the efforts of Prof. Oscar Rojas Rodriguez, student CUDEP, draft its EPS performed at the hotel.The typewriters ( 20) were obtained with funds from the School Store (15) and grant the Mayor of Poptún, Prof. Juan Francisco Oliva Estrada (5). Exit 2006 Second Promotion of Students. (26) Parents, Carlos and Elena Dollan, Students, staff of the institute. 2006 Financial support of MANMUNISURP (Q 26,000.00) to wage facilitators. Municipalities of San Luis and Poptún, Prof. Juan Alfredo Pérez Chun and facilitation team. 2007 Exit Third Promotion of Students. (23) Parents, Carlos and Elena Dollan, Students, staff of the institute. 2008 Implementation computer lab with 12 computers donated by Elena and Carlos Dollan US Elena and Carlos Dollan, Salvador Cutzal Mijango and staff of the Institute. 2008 YAMAHA Purchase a 185 cc motorcycle. For service establishment, especially for Educational Counseling. The funds for the purchase come from the contribution of Elena and Carlos Dollan. Salvador Cutzal Mijango and staff of the school. 2008 During the months of April to July the room to be used for library, academy typing and computer lab was built. The building cost was $ 47,000.00 Elena and Carlos Dollan, donor resources; Salvador Cutzal and institute administrative and teaching staff. 2011 Richardson Family Donation in the amount of $ 50,000.00 for wage expenses, operation of the school and scholarship to 8 students of the Sierra del Lacandon, Petén. Staff Ochoch Hik’eek, Defenders of Wildlife Association, Family Richardson 2011 Exit seventh graduating students of the baseline and the first class of Auxiliary Nurses Parents, TulaSalud Foundation, FODIGUA, Ministry of Health, Association Ochoch Hik’eek, etc. 2012 Increase the number of students supported by the Richardson family, parents and start contributing Q.300.00 to feed their children, the eighth student promotion comes communities. Staff Ochoch Hik’eek, Defenders of Wildlife Association, Family Richardson, Fathers and Mothers. 2013 Family Richardson continues providing scholarships to more students from La Sierra Del Lacandon, financial support for PRODESSA (6,000.00), Support David Pinilla Munoz (8,000.00) from Spain. Graduated the ninth class. Staff Ochoch Hik’eek, Defenders of Wildlife Association, Richardson Family, Parents of family, PRODESSA, David Pinilla Muñoz. 2014 Family Richardson continues providing scholarships to more students from La Sierra Del Lacandon, Balam Association, started providing scholarships to 5 students of the Adjacency Zone (4 females, one male), through an agreement equipment procurement is achieved for School of infirmary. Public management deed of the land of the Association before the municipality. Staff Ochoch Hik’eek, Defenders of Wildlife Association, Richardson Family, Parents of family, Balam Association.