Ochoch Hik’eek Association is a non-profit non-partisan apolitical, and; social, cultural and economic, educational, environmental and Human Rights projection, whose objectives is to promote the development, implement social, cultural, educational political, ecological, economic development and human rights that benefit rural and indigenous communities.

Within the assistance provided by the organizational strengthening and education program within the framework of action thereof, is provided to support indigenous and non-indigenous communities access their economic, political, social and cultural rights within the framework of existing joints .


Poptun Township is located in the southern part of the department of Petén, is one of the most populous of the department, its ethnic composition is mostly Q’eqchi’, although there are in the same population ethnic groups Poqomchi’, Kaqchikel, Achi and Mopan and Ladino.

The municipality mainly produces corn, beans, among others. Also in are introduced in the ranches region. As natural resources are diverse flora and fauna, which has led to the definition of protected areas.

Infrastructure and services are concentrated in the urban area of the county seat, there is little presence of organizations that can help each other, both comunities, state absence is asymmetric in the rural town. Local authorities have maintained an attitude of neglect towards communities and has even ignored the ethnic groups established in the town.

These communities have mostly paths but shabby, education and health services are abandoned, you do not have basic infrastructure and productive projects that generate development and well being of communities.