In this video you can see quickly what is the philosophy of the center , which is their way of work , It Is An Educational Center Community Character and Social Service , nonprofit , which provides services of Basic Education, culturally relevant a Historical maya student population and geographically excluded from Formal Education Cycle Processes Basic Education . The name has been defined from the Maya Q’eqchi languaje like this:

Ochoch = House
Hik’eek = Hope, Sunrise

OCHOCH HIK’EEK means : “House of Hope” . It is the name of the school , which refers to the hopes of the Maya people of southern Peten , in order to build a future of dignity.

– NEWS –

Some of these news are made by students of Ochoch Hik’eek. We apologize if you find mistakes 🙂

We are learning! 

HELP! We need volunteers in AUGUST

HELP! We need volunteers in AUGUST

We are looking for volunteers for next August 2017 due to our current ones are leaving the school at that time. At the moment we only have one volunteer and we have 5 places available. This school is an educational institution that seeks to contribute and influence...

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Donations to Ochoch Hik’eek by Sally

Hello to everyone, My name is Sally, born in Luxembourg and since January 2016 volunteering in the ´´Casa de la Esperanza´´. In the beginning I planned to stay here for 2 months but then I¨ve got...

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